Getting Started

Create an online profile with us. Please be sure to share your current email address and phone number with us so we can communicate with you about class openings and special offers.

Purchase a session. In order to book a session, you must first purchase a session. Once you have sessions in your account, you may then begin making your reservations online.

Sign Up! To book a class, download our branded app. You can also book using the MindBody app, or on our website.

First Class

It is mandatory that you arrive at your first class 10 minutes before class. This will give your instructor time to introduce you to the Megaformer and Lagree Method of training. If you are unable to arrive 10 minutes before your first session, please let us know and we will reschedule you for a later date.

Grip Socks

All clients are required to wear grip socks during Lagree Method Classes. Grip socks are available for purchase at the studio.

The Workout

At Tone Fitness Studio you can expect a 45 minute, full body, workout. Every move effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training.

The Lagree Method features targeted exercises performed at as low and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibers, creating long lean muscles. The combination of working muscles to failure and eliminating rest periods creates a workout regimen that burns the maximum number of calories in a minimal amount of time, and most efficiently develops muscle tone and strength.

Be prepared to sweat, shake, and positively challenge yourself in each class.


Class full? Sign up for the waitlist, IT WORKS! As clients cancel their reservation, you will be emailed and/or text messaged that you have been added to the class! Make sure you have opted in to receive emails and text messages.

Think of the waitlist as signing up for the class, as we assume you would like to attend and are available for every class you waitlist. If you are no longer interested in taking a waitlisted class, please be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being added in the cancellation window.


new member specials

1st Class: $20
10 Classes: $129

New members only. 1 first class and 1 new member special per person.